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How to study for free

May 12, 2011

I was overjoyed when I received my place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. I had tried for three years to get into acting school, and this was the opportunity of a lifetime! There was just one catch: the cost.

All together, the fees and maintenance for the course came to over £25,000. The course was a three-year diploma course and I wasn’t entitled to a student grant or a student loan. The course was 50 hours a week plus evening rehearsals so a part-time job was out of the question. My family earned a lot less than the national average and could not afford to pay for me. What was I going to do?

A little leaflet from another drama school gave me a sneaky peek at the truth. It gave some basic information on a student who had managed to raise everything they needed to pay for their own acting training. And if someone else had done it, I was damn sure I could! I spent months researching, planning and building a fundraising campaign that raised over £25,000.

What I discovered is now revealed in Free Degrees, and together with this website, offers a step-by-step guide in raising all of the money you need for college or university without getting into debt.

Free Degrees has been described as a ‘life saver’, ‘first class’ and given rave reviews by parents, students and academics alike. Here’s what you can expect from the book:

• How to find out how much your education really costs and write a budget
• How to market yourself, communicate your message and gain huge publicity
• How to appeal your local authority’s decision to refuse you a grant
• How to raise thousands of pounds from people you have never met before
• How to search and find hundreds of scholarships and bursaries
• How to hold fun charity events that really bring in the cash

The knowledge and skills I gained from my experience have lasted me well beyond my student days. Don’t let debt get in the way of your studies. You deserve to get the very best out of your education, and it doesn’t have to come at a price.


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