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Ways to save money as a student – part four

May 13, 2011

Yes – it’s time to save money again! Even more great ways to save money while you’re at university.

Eat in restaurants at times that save you money. The Harvester, for example, runs an Earlybird menu in which their best-selling dishes are £4.99. Coupled with the free salad bar, this can be a real cheap meal out!

Always read the local newspaper and keep the money-saving coupons.

Take a flask of coffee to college rather than buy individual cups.

Buy desktop rather than laptop computers. You will save hundreds of pounds and also reduce your risk of contracting tendonitis and back-related injuries in the future.

Protect your computer with anti-virus software and a firewall. It might seem cheaper to forego these, but this is a fraction of what it would cost to replace your entire PC suite. Always renew the software when asked. There are many excellent free anti-virus suites available online.

Buy printer ink cartridges online or use discount refill stores like Cartridge World.

Visit the theatre for free with the A Night Less Ordinary scheme.

Create your own community DVD rental library by compiling your friends DVDs into one list.

Subscribe to online DVD rental services like Lovefilm rather than use Blockbuster every time.

Start a study group at your college. The more time you spend focused on your studies, the less time you will have for frivolous spending! Who knows? You might even improve your grades.

Choose weekend activities that cost nothing. Host a football game at a local park, or ask everyone round to your place for a big BBQ.

Need furniture or household goods? Ask your friends and family. Often people keep duplicates of items ‘just in case’ their other one breaks.

Renting an apartment in the centre of a block keeps your bills lower. Corner and top floor apartments tend to have higher heating costs as they have more external walls.

If you are travelling, use Priceline to save money on flights, car hire and is worth checking out and even let’s you name your own price when travelling to the US! Skyscanner is another great website for flight price comparison.

Communicate via free services like email or Skype rather than calling. Or buy international phonecards and call from landlines. Lycamobile offers a cheap international calling service from your mobile.

Instead of paying salon prices, have a Ladies Night. You can stay in with all of your girlfriends and do each other’s hair and nails for free!

Join a sports club rather than pay for the gym. Your college will have hundreds of societies and clubs; your local town will too!

Hair conditioner can be used when shaving your legs. This is a substitute for expensive shaving gels and will also moisturise and soften your skin!

Catch up with Ways to save money as a student parts one, two, and three.

And please leave a comment if you have any other great money saving ideas for students!

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