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High university fees? Look for sponsorship!

May 13, 2011

Here are some of the reasons why sponsorship is a good thing for both students and businesses.

Let’s get one thing straight. Gaining sponsorship does not mean you have to work for the company after graduation. Sometimes this is the case, and guess what –  sometimes you will want to walk into a job straight from college!

Of course, one advantage for the student is the money. You may have one sole sponsor who agrees to give you several thousand and a holiday job. You might have multiple joint sponsors who each sponsor you hundreds of pounds. You might be lucky enough to persuade a business to pay for everything, in return for signing up for a few years of work with them.

A sponsorship opportunity will also give you access to people who have already studied what you are studying and are doing what you want to do: in other words, a team of mentors. It can be very helpful to have a role model outside of university who can remind you of exactly why you are investing in your own studies.

You are also bringing yourself to the attention of that company’s executive directors. What better way to line up work post-college than to be their shining example of future talent? You may get invited to company events, and this will bring about excellent networking opportunities. Your sponsor will be keen to introduce you to every high-profile client or business associate.

The press and publicity from your sponsorship deal will definitely attract local, and maybe national attention, and that is good for your cause in general. Other donors and patrons are far more likely to donate if you can prove your existence through the press.

Every hard-working business person likes to give something back to the community. And what better way of encouraging future economic success than helping support future talent through their education? Most successful business graduates will remember a time when education was a lot cheaper, or even free! As a business owner, you would not wish anyone to start their career with high debts.

In terms of publicity, sponsoring a student can bring lots of free advertising and press attention. Your business will come to the attention of the university and their high-profile alumni. And let’s not forget that while some industries are being crushed by the economic climate, education is stronger than ever, and universities have amounts of huge spending power. You might just have the product or service that somebody at that university needs. You will certainly get invited to attend college events and network with well-educated professional people like yourself. Photo opportunities will definitely abound for the local and national press, and your company newsletter if you have one.

The student you have sponsored will be keen to announce your sponsorship, to all and sundry, and will definitely describe your company in glowing terms. Let’s not forget that word of mouth is the real reason people give their custom.

If you need more persuasion about why sponsorship is good for business, check out this fantastic page from the UK’s Local Business Enterprise with even more benefits to the sponsor.


So you’ve decided to look for business sponsorship, you’ll be asking how to find it.

Where can I find sponsorship for my studies?

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