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Top up your student grant

May 13, 2011

Worried that your student grant won’t stretch that far?  Looking for other ways to top up your student grant?

The government’s cuts mean that many universities will substantially raise their fees in 2012, leaving many students with a shortfall of thousands of pounds.

Interest on student loans is still very low, but should students really be forced into borrowing £30,000 before they’ve even graduated?

Here are some ways to top up your student grant without increasing your borrowing:

  • Get together with friends and run a fundraising event.  You and your student buddies could host an event like a 24 Hour Dance-A-Thon, a Slave Auction or a University Challenge of your own!  If well organised, a fundraising event can bring in thousand of pounds.  At the end of my first year, I returned from RADA to work with 7-13 year olds on a Shakespeare Evening for parents and friends. We sold tickets and ran raffles and all monies raised went straight into my training fund. This not only raised over £1,000 but also gave me a chance to share my newly-learned skills with my community.
  • Choose a part-time job that pays well.  Why work for minimum wage in a pub when you can earn £15 to £25 an hour as a private tutor?  Not only is the earning potential greater, but you’ll work less hours and still be using your number on talent: your brain.
  • Use holiday times wisely to boost your income.  I wrote fundraising letters to businesses and individuals, applied to charities and ran charity events in the summer holidays. This raised thousands.
    My sister chose not to fundraise while at university, but she did work abroad every summer as a holiday rep and not only came back with a fabulous tan but with thousands of pounds in sales commission.

Your grant might only cover a fraction of your living costs while you are at university, but if you fundraise and increase your income carefully, you don’t need to get into poverty or huge amounts of debt.

For more ways to raise money and lessen student debt, check out Free Degrees, available here.


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