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Ways to save money as a student – part five

May 13, 2011

More great ways to save money while you’re at university in the latest instalment of our series:

Make and take your own lunch rather than buying it out.

Save electricity by turning off lights and other appliances on when nobody needs them.

Buy and use energy-saving lightbulbs.

Don’t leave electrical items on standby. If you have no choice, buy a Standby Buster or EcoSaver Socket (available at Amazon and in Argos). These devices turn your goods off and on at the socket, as and when you need them.

Invest in a Young Person’s Railcard or an Oystercard.

Buy a monthly or termly travel pass, rather than an expensive daily ticket.

Share lifts and save yourself a fortune. Use online services like or to meet people who need to make the same journey as you and reduce your travel costs.

Buy long-distance train and bus tickets in advance, through services like The Trainline or Megabus.

Go clothes shopping in places that offer a student discount like Topshop and Miss Selfridge.

Go to your doctor or nurse for free condoms, and very often even your student union will have an unlimited supply in the welfare centre.

Buy a property and rent it out. If someone in your family has savings and is looking to make an investment, why not look into a buy-to-let mortgage in their name? You can then be in charge of renting our the rooms in the property in order to cover the mortgage. Who knows? This might even mean you can stay there rent-free!

Use comparison shopping websites to find the best deals. Kelkoo, Google Shopping and eBay will all help you find the item you want at the very best price.

Always say ‘yes’ to loyalty cards in shops. Shops like Tesco, Café Uno and even McDonalds have their own loyalty cards. Whenever you purchase, you earn points or get stamps. Carry your loyalty cards everywhere, and use them! Those ‘buy five, get one free’ offers soon add up!

Use pubs with great offers for your nights out. Some will offer ‘pound a drink’ nights on certain nights of the week.

Choose restaurants where you can Bring Your Own Booze. The restaurant mark-up on alcohol is shocking! You will save a fortune by buying your alcohol first, and drinking it in a BYOB establishment.

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And please leave a comment if you have any other great money saving ideas for students!

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