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Ways to save money as a student – part three

May 13, 2011

Here are some more great ways to save money while you’re at university:

Before you go food shopping, have a plan! Consider your schedule for the week ahead. How many meals will you be eating at home? Do you need more lunches than dinners? How much time will you have to prepare food? Do you need to buy snacks you can take outside your home? Buy the foods that suit your coming week’s activities. There’s nothing worse than buying the wrong food and finding your fridge is full of food, but you don’t have time to eat it. It’s leads to wastage and that’s throwing money down the drain.

Buy fruit and vegetable from market stalls. On Saturday afternoons, a couple of hours before closing, market traders sell whole bags of vegetables and fruit for 50p or £1.

Develop and exercise your self discipline when it comes to spending. Yes, ‘self discipline’ might be one phrase you don’t want to hear, but exercising a little self-control doesn’t mean you can’t still live the student lifestyle and party like mad! The most financially successful people in the world all seem to have one thing in common: fantastic self discipline. They know how to make money, they know when to spend, and they know when to save.

Use Martin Lewis’ Money Mantra! Martin Lewis, otherwise known as the Money Saving Expert, has a fantastic website full of information for students. Check out his site Money Saving Expert.  And here is his Mantra:

  • Do I need it?
  • Can I afford it?
  • Have I checked if it’s cheaper elsewhere?

Subscribe to Money Saving Expert’s newsletter. This arrives in your Inbox weekly with tons of new ideas of how to save money. I learned about the Pizza Express 2 for 1 offer here. Thanks to this newsletter, I had a trip to the cinema and a delicious meal for two for £18!  Subscribe here.

Check out websites that specialize in money-saving offers. Money Saving Student is an excellent website, updated regularly and written by a student, for students. There are other sites out there, so go Google!  If they offer Twitter updates or a newsletter, sign up for them and stay in touch.

Get a mobile phone with Orange and enjoy 2 for 1 films every Wednesday! It’s a great offer, and Orange’s customer service is second to none. Also, they offer BestPlan which means you can switch to a different minutes and messages package every month until you get the best deal for you. Their sim-only deals are especially good value for money.

Get a sim-only deal for your current phone. Do you really need that Blackberry or i-Phone on a contract? Why not ask for one for Christmas, get it unlocked and go for a sim-only deal. They cost a lot less than contract deals, and let’s face it, the phone companies make you pay a lot of money every month for that automatic handset upgrade facility. Orange’s sim-only deals are at least £15 a month cheaper than their contract deals for exactly the same minutes and texts.

For more money saving tips…

Catch up on Ways to save money as a student, parts one and two

And please leave a comment if you have any other money saving ideas for students!

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