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Ways to save money as a student – part two

May 13, 2011

Our money-saving series for students continues with more excellent tips!

Check for cheap second-hand textbooks before you pay full price for new ones!  Often colleges and universities hold book fairs where you can pick up textbooks cheaply. Otherwise, Amazon will quickly tell you if there is a second-hand book available cheaper elsewhere. You can then sell your used textbooks online at the end of your course!

Walk or cycle to college or university. Not only will it save you money, it will keep you fit too!

If you drink alcohol, buy in bulk and visit friends. Always meeting in the pub can be very expensive!

Go to the supermarket one hour before closing. Lots of fresh foods will be marked down in price. Great if you want to eat well, stay healthy and spend less money!

Use free internet-based calling systems to get in touch with your folks! Services like Skype can help you reach your loved ones and save money.

Work out a rough menu with your fellow housemates and buy your food all together! Buying in bulk is much cheaper, so a big bag of pasta is better value for money. Even if you only eat together twice a week, it will definitely save you money. Multipacks of fruit or chocolate bars are much better value than buying items singly. And make sure you take advantage of those buy one, get one free offers!

Share lifts when coming home for the holidays. Splitting petrol costs is much cheaper than traveling alone by train.

Get student discounts on travel. Here are some sources for discounts:
STA Travel
16 – 25 Railcard

Get your NUS card sorted out as soon as you can! With your NUS card, hundreds of discounts become available to you. Don’t put it off until Spring!

Got any bright ideas that could save students money? Share them by leaving a comment.

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