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Help Me Fundraise!

What is fundraising?

Fundraising is the organised activity of attracting donations or pledges for your cause.
How do I start fundraising?

Simply by working out your expenditure (how much money you need) and then ways of hitting that target by raising income. The kinds of activities you can do to fundraise are wide and varied and limited only by your imagination!
How do most people fundraise?

Some traditional ways in which people fundraise are:

  • By applying to charitable or grant-making trusts for financial awards
  • By winning bursaries and scholarships
  • By attracting business sponsorship
  • By attracting patronage or donations from individuals
  • By running fundraising events like sponsored swims or quiz nights

Can anybody fundraise?

Yes. You don’t need any experience, just the overwhelming desire to raise that money!
Why should I raise money to pay for my education?

Barclays predicts by 2010 that most students will graduate with an average of £30,000 in debt.
Don’t I earn more as a graduate anyway?

If you graduate and then work in certain industries. Statistics from the NUS ‘Broke and Broken’ report show that graduates in business, law and medicine earn hundreds of thousands more in their lifetime than somebody with just a school education. However, if you graduate and don’t end up in the career of your choice, or you are studying in the arts or humanities, you are only likely to earn an extra £1,000 a year compared to somebody with A Levels. And that extra money will then have to go towards your student debt.
Will people really give generously to help me study?

Yes! Everybody agrees that a university education is expensive, and no-one wants to wish £30,000 of debt on you! You’ll be surprised – people will give their time, their money, donate raffle goods… we all like to help.
How do I start fundraising?

Degreesforfree is full of free hints and tips.

Check out the Articles or subscribe to our monthly newsletter The Funraiser!

In Tools and Links you will find free downloadable tools including the mini e-book Free Degrees Express. That will get you started on your fundraising journey.

If you are raising money for your education, why not treat yourself to Free Degrees? It’s only £6.95 and will show you how to raise over £25,000 to pay for your education.

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